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Troubleshooting Access

Getting Started

These are solutions to the most common access issues. Try as many as you can and stop when your issue is fixed.

The Basics
  1. Internet Connection – Our databases require an internet connection. Try going to or another website to make sure you’re still connected. If you’re not, try reconnecting to the internet.
  2. Authorization – We provide databases and other electronic resources to current Pacific University students, staff, and faculty. Even if you have a PUNetID, you may not have access to these resources.
  3. Library Links – We use Pacific-specific links to provide you with access. If you are trying to get access, you should use our database list or search to get access. When you use these links, you maybe asked to log in with your PUNetID.
  1. Reload the Page – Reloading the page sometimes helps. Open your browser and enter the following.
    • For Windows – Press CTRL and F5
    • For Mac – Press Command and Shift and R
  2. Clear your Cache – Your browser cache stores information and settings. Clearing them may get rid of issues. Open your browser and enter the following.
    • For Windows – Press CTRL and SHIFT and DEL
    • For Mac | Chrome and Opera – Press SHIFT and CMD and DEL
    • Mac | Safari – Press CMD and ALT and E
  3. Switch Browsers – Try using a different browser. Some websites work better with a particular browser.
  4. Use Chrome Incognito – When you use Chrome Incognito, your browsing history and cookies aren’t saved. If these are causing the problem, you can avoid it with Incognito.
  5. Firewalls – If you’re connecting from off-campus, your network settings may be causing the issue. For off-campus access, we use ports 2048-5048 to provide access. If your firewall blocks these ports, you will not be able to access library resources from off-campus.
  6. Tip – Try connecting on your smart phone. If you can connect on your phone, but not on your computer, a firewall is probably blocking your access.

If you’re still having trouble, please let us know:

  1. What link or URL are you using?
  2. What browsers have you tried?
  3. What operating system are you using?
  4. Are you on campus or accessing remotely?
  5. Can you access any other library databases?
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