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Pacific University Press

Pacific University Library Press and Publishing is a renowned institution dedicated to the dissemination and preservation of knowledge and literary works.


Whether it’s designing prototypes, building intricate models, or crafting artistic creations, the Pacific University Makerspace fuels the creative spirit and cultivates an innovative community eager to shape the future.

Library Guides

The library offers a comprehensive collection of Library Guides to assist students, faculty, and researchers in their academic pursuits.


Learn about the library rules and find out how to effectively find, borrow and renew literature.

Rooms & Spaces

We offer a wide range of study spaces and computers to cater to the diverse needs of its students

Scan, Print, Photocopy

At your disposal are copy machines, scanners, and photocopiers that always work impeccably.


We offer comprehensive research assistance and information literacy sessions to support students and faculty in their academic pursuits.

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