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What is SensusAccess?

SensusAccess is a self-service web-based document conversion solution that transforms text and image-based file types into different formats. Available for free to Pacific University students, staff, and faculty to upload files and select from a variety of output options, including audio, braille, and digital text formats. Keep in mind, that SensusAccess does not take the place of the need to create accessible documents, and that using the SensusAccess by itself may not produce a fully accessible document. If you utilize SensusAccess for remediation you should always review remediated documents for accuracy.

SensusAccess Capabilities
  • Accessibility conversions – Convert image and image-based PDF files to text-based documents (Word, HTML, text-based PDFs, etc.)
  • Audio services – Files can be converted into plain MP3 files as well as DAISY (accessible audio) format.
  • E-book services – Documents can be converted into EPUB, EPUB3, EPUB3 with media overlays, and MOBI (Amazon Kindle) e-book formats.
  • Braille services – Documents can be converted to and from contracted and uncontracted braille.
How to Use SensusAccess

Files are uploaded to SensusAccess for the conversion process via the file web form. SensusAccess allows you to upload a file, provide a link to a file on the web, or copy and paste plain text. When asked to provide your email address, use your email.

Once your file has been processed, you will receive an email with your converted file attached or a link to your converted file.

Note – SensusAccess deletes files saved on their servers after 7 calendar days. To avoid having to upload the file again, download your document as soon as it arrives to you.

Conversion Quality

The quality of the file you receive upon conversion depends on the quality of the original document/file. Note that scanned documents with smudges, tears and/or wrinkles in the paper, underlined or skewed text may result in poor conversion quality. Lastly, while SensusAccess is good at converting a variety of input and output formats, it should not be used to convert documents/files with tables or complex formulas.


The SensusAccess terms of use includes the following restrictions: Users should not upload any personal and/or sensitive information to the service for conversion and must only be used for non-commercial purposes.

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