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What is Summit?

Summit is the combined library catalog of 37 academic college and university libraries in Washington, Oregon and Idaho. Summit provides access to millions of books, DVDs, , audio recordings, government documents and more. You can find a list on the Orbis Cascade Alliance’s website.

Who can use Summit?

Pacific University students, staff, and faculty have the privilege of requesting items and borrowing circulating materials from other Summit institutions. Additionally, they are welcome to physically visit other Summit institutions and borrow materials directly from their libraries, provided they present their Boxer ID and sign in to their library account.

Individuals from other Summit institutions can borrow circulating materials from the library by registering their home institution’s ID card and logging in to their home library account.

When should I use Summit?

If the item you require is not accessible at Pacific University but is present in another Summit institution, you can identify the availability of a Summit request through the “Request from Summit libraries” link displayed in the library catalog.

How do I request using Summit?

To request materials using Summit, follow these steps:

  1. Access the Library Website: Visit the library website of Pacific University or your respective institution.
  2. Search the Catalog: Use the library catalog to search for the item you want. If the item is not available in your library’s collection but is part of the Summit system, you will see an option or link indicating “Request from Summit libraries” or something similar.
  3. Click the Request Link: Click on the “Request from Summit libraries” link associated with the item you wish to borrow.
  4. Log In: You will be prompted to log in to your library account using your credentials or Boxer ID.
  5. Verify the Request Details: Ensure that the item details are correct and that you are requesting the correct edition, format, or volume, if applicable.
  6. Submit the Request: Confirm your request by submitting the form.

If you encounter any issues or have questions about the Summit request process, don’t hesitate to reach out at the circulation desk, 503-352-1400, or They can provide guidance and support throughout the process.

How long does it take to get a request from Summit?

The time it takes to receive a request from Summit can vary depending on several factors, including the distance between the lending and borrowing institutions, the availability of the requested item, and the efficiency of the interlibrary loan system. In general, Summit requests are processed as quickly as possible, and you may receive the requested item within a few days to a couple of weeks. However, it’s essential to consider that more complex requests or items from distant libraries might take longer to arrive.

How will I be notified when the request is ready?

Once the request is ready for pick-up, you will receive a notification via email.

How long will the request stay on hold until I can pick it up?

Requests will stay on the hold shelf for 7 days after they arrive. After the 7-day period, unclaimed requests will be returned to the lending Summit library to make them available for other users.

Can I renew my Summit requests after I check them out?

Renewal policies for Summit requests may vary depending on the policies of the lending library and the specific item you borrowed. In general, Summit items can be eligible for renewal, but it’s essential to keep in mind the following points:

  1. Check the Due Date: Verify the due date for your Summit request. Renewals are usually allowed before the item’s due date. After the due date, renewals may not be permitted.
  2. Renewal Limits: There might be a limit on how many times you can renew a Summit item. Some libraries allow one renewal, while others may permit more.
  3. Availability: If another patron at the lending library has requested the same item or if it’s not available for renewal for any other reason, you may not be able to renew the item.
  4. Renewal Process: To renew a Summit item, you typically need to log in to your library account, navigate to the “Interlibrary Loan” or “Summit Requests” section, find the item you want to renew, and select the renewal option (if available).
  5. Timely Renewal: Ensure you request the renewal before the due date to avoid overdue fines or penalties.
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