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Interlibrary Loan

General Information

If you can’t find something via our catalog search above at Pacific University or through Summit, we can help you get it from other libraries (worldwide) for free via Interlibrary Loan (ILL). If you can’t access full-text of an article or book chapter, use Interlibrary Loan to get your article.

Request an Article or Book chapter via Illiad
(PDFs, usually arrive in 2-3 days.)

Request Other Items via Illiad
(books, DVDs, scores, etc., usually available 10-14 days, plus a few days for shipping.)

Physical items can be picked up from Pacific’s Forest Grove Campus (Tran Library) and Hillsboro Campus Libraries. For those unable to pick up from Pacific’s Forest Grove or Hillsboro Campus Libraries, physical items will be sent free to you, including free return shipping. Due dates vary and are set by the lending libraries.

Lending libraries set the due dates and renewals so they vary. Articles are available for 60 days, so be sure to download them before they expire!

ILLiad is how you place ILL requests and access articles. Your ILLiad login is your PUNet ID and password (WITHOUT the
For any questions please contact us at  |  503-352-1413.

How To’s
How to Register with ILLiad (first login only):

The first time you log into ILLiad, the Interlibrary Loan system, you will be redirected to register your account. You will use your current PUNet ID and password (WITHOUT the ILLiad is used to deliver articles (PDFs) and to manage your physical loans. The first time you place a request, you’ll need to register. If any of your information changes (name, address, etc.), you can log in and update it at any time.

  1. You only need to do this process once the entire time you’re at Pacific.
  2. Log in to ILLiad with your PUNetID.
  3. Please fill in the required information. Please include your name of use as you’d like Interlibrary Loan staff to have it. You can update this information at any time if it changes.
  4. Once you submit the form, you will get a confirmation email and then you’re all set to request articles, books, DVDs, and more- always free!
Interlibrary Loan Registration Form

How to Request an Article/Book chapter

If you can’t access full-text of an article or book chapter for any reason request it from Interlibrary Loan (ILL) using ILLiad. ILL also provides scans of chapters/articles held in the Pacific U Libraries in print. Most chapters/articles arrive in 2-3 days. Articles are posted to your ILLiad account as a PDF.

How to request an article/book chapter in ILLiad:

  1. Find the citation for your item.
  2. If you want an article or book chapter, go to the article request form.
  3. Sign in with your PUNet ID.
    1. On your first login only, you’ll be asked for basic account information.
  4. Use your citation to fill in:

We’ll email you when your request is ready (usually 2-3 days). You’ll need to log back in to get your article (PDF).

Request Form for an Article or Chapter via Interlibrary Loan

How to Download a Requested Article From ILLiad:
  1. Make sure you’ve placed a request and gotten an email stating that your article is ready.
  2. Log in to ILLiad with your PUNetID.
  3. The first page you come to will have all current received articles, or if you’re on a different page, you can click the “Main Menu” link.
  4. Look for your article and click “View”. It will be available as a PDF you can view, download, and print.

Note: If you don’t see your article, try scrolling down to Outstanding Requests. If your request is still being processed, it won’t appear as Received

Download A Interlibrary Loan Request

How to Request Books and Other Physical Items

ILL can borrow books and other physical items (DVDs, CDs, scores, etc.) from libraries all over the world. If you are studying/working on Forest Grove or Hillsboro campus, the items will be available to pick up from the library front desk. If you are studying/working remotely or at Eugene or Woodburn campus, ILL will send you items free of charge and with free return shipping. ILL is always completely free. Most physical items take 10-14 days to arrive (sometimes faster!) with a few additional days if they need to be sent to your home. Items are requested using ILLiad.

If you need items sent to you please use ILL/ILLiad for all requests (even if Pacific has it). Please put a note in each request that you need the item(s) sent to you.

If you’re able to pick up at Forest Grove (Tran) or Hillsboro Campus Libraries, search Boxer Search first – items from Pacific University or regional requests Summit will arrive more quickly. If you can’t get what you’re looking for, try Interlibrary Loan.

For items you would like the Libraries to own, you can also Request a Purchase as another way to get materials we don’t already have.

How to request a book or other item (DVD, score, CD, etc.) in ILLiad:

  1. Find the citation for your item.
  2. If you want a physical item, go to the book request form.
  3. Sign in with your PUNet ID.
    1. If this is your first log in, you’ll be asked for basic account information. Make sure your campus is correct so your request is sent to the right place.
  4. Use your citation to fill in (continued below screenshot):
  5. Please include any notes that may be helpful to us, including if you’re studying remotely and need items sent to you (always free!)
  6. Press Submit Request.
  7. We’ll email when your request is ready (usually 10-14 days, depending on where they come from).

Don’t worry if you can’t fill out every box in the form. The more information we have, the quicker we can fill requests, but we’ll still try to find your item if some fields are blank. Please feel free to include any additional information to help us process requests in “Notes,” such as if you’d prefer an ebook.

Physical Interlibrary Loan Request

Information for borrowing libraries

Pacific University is OPU on OCLC and ORUHWS on DOCLINE. We are FreeShare and use ILLiad, Odyssey, and Article Exchange. We lend internationally.

If you are looking for a copy of a restricted or embargoed digital thesis/dissertation, please send us an ILL request. Non-OCLC libraries can place requests by email at

Loan Period:  12 weeks  |  Renewal Period: 12 weeks

Contact Information  |  503-352-1413.

Shipping address:

Tran Library ILL
Pacific University
2043 College Way
Forest Grove, OR 97116-1797 US

Notes: Please email to alert to OCLC ILL Rush Requests. We are a free lender, but if special delivery is requested for Rush Requests, such as FedEx, we will need to bill your account. For international mailing, we charge for Flat Rate Priority USPS or FedEx International Shipping.

Group Affiliations:

Amigos Western Resource Sharing Agreement, Libraries Very Interested in Sharing, Northwest GAC PROG, OCLC Knowledge Base, OCLC RES Sharing/Knowledge Base Part, OCLC Training and ILLIAD Participant, ORBIS Cascade Alliance Collection MANAG.

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