Remembering Santha

Santha Zaik, an employee of the Pacific University Libraries and Music Department for over 40 years and a steadfast supporter of innumerable students and colleagues, passed away on Monday, July 12, 2021.

At the library, Santha was the music specialist and cataloging assistant. She had a passion for music, as a performer and instructor. At the libraries, she was the architect of the music collection and liaison for the music faculty and students. If you have picked up a music book, score, CD, or LP at the library, chances are good that Santha selected it, added it to the library catalog, and made sure it would sit in the right place on the shelf.

However, her reach was even more extensive: if you have used any physical library material, it likely passed across Santha’s desk at some point, for selection, receiving, cataloging, processing, mending, inventory, shifting, or one of the countless other aspects of making resources available for the university community.

She also provided music reference and instruction for faculty and students; found books and music for coursework, teaching, research, and performance; and made countless other contributions to the library. Some of the amazing resources she selected and curated can be found here:

In addition to her role with the Libraries, she also organized the Music in May camp and festival for high school band, orchestra, and choir students, and taught French horn to students in the music department. She was also instrumental in organizing the annual Pacific University College of Optometry Northwest Residents Conference.

In the future, the Libraries will be celebrating Santha through gatherings and displays to honor and remember her legacy and many contributions. She will be deeply missed.

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