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How to Submit

Submission Steps

To deposit a thesis, dissertation, or graduate capstone, you need a CommonKnowledge account and to ensure that all required steps to prepare your document have been completed.

  1. Click upload.
  2. Create or login to your account using your Pacific University email address.
  3. Click add new work.
  4. Select the relevant collection (usually your college name + ‘student scholarship’) from the drop-down menu, choose thesis or dissertation as the type of work, then click create work.
  5. Fill in the fields with the following information:
    • Enter the title.
    • For resource type, choose thesis, dissertation, or capstone.
    • For creator name type and name, choose ‘personal’ and enter the author’s name.
    • For institution, enter Pacific University.
    • For creator role, select student.
      • If there are additional authors, select the add another link and the relevant fields will appear.
  6. For abstract, enter a short description of your work.
  7. For department, enter your department’s name (for example, Optometry).
  8. Select the additional fields button.
  9. Enter contributor information for any contributing individuals, such as an advisor, if applicable.
  10. For date published, enter your graduation date.
  11. For degree, enter your degree name (for example, Master of Science in Vision Science).
  12. For other fields, add additional information as needed/preferred. Subject and keywords are helpful in allowing others to find your work.
  13. Move to the files tab (at the top of the page) and upload your work and the associated signature page, if applicable. Choose visibility permissions for files. Note: Signature pages are typically set to private.
  14. Under save work, set visibility for the descriptive page of your work in CommonKnowledge. Then review the deposit agreement, click the checkbox, and click save.
  15. Your work has been submitted for review and will appear in the repository once it has been approved by a CommonKnowledge administrator.
What to Expect after Submitting

The University Libraries will review each submission to ensure all required information is complete. Candidates will only be contacted by the Libraries if additional information is needed.

For select academic programs with existing agreements, the Libraries will submit to the program and Registrar, on a weekly basis, a list of candidates who have successfully defended and had their thesis/dissertation/capstone deposit accepted by the Libraries.

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