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The Pacific University Library has introduced self-checkout systems across their Forest Grove, Hillsboro, and Eugene campus libraries. This addition aims to enhance efficiency, convenience, and user empowerment. By integrating self-checkout, the library has adapted to the changing needs and preferences of modern library users.

Efficiency and Convenience for Library Patrons

The implementation of self-checkout systems streamlines the borrowing process, saving time for library patrons. No longer confined to long queues, users can independently scan and borrow items, reducing congestion at the library counters. The user-friendly interfaces and clear instructions make self-checkout accessible to all visitors, regardless of their technological proficiency. This feature empowers patrons to take charge of their borrowing experience, offering a heightened sense of convenience and autonomy.

Empowerment and Privacy

Self-checkout systems prioritize user privacy, as patrons can borrow books discreetly without direct interaction. This enhanced privacy encourages individuals to explore diverse subjects and genres confidently. By fostering a sense of empowerment, Pacific University Library enables library users to actively participate in their own learning journey while giving Librarians the ability to focus on delivering personalized assistance, curating collections, and organizing educational events, enriching the overall library experience.


The Pacific University Library’s introduction of self-checkout systems reflects their commitment to improving the Library experience. By embracing technology, the library has enhanced efficiency and convenience for their patrons while creating a modern and user-centric learning environment!

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