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Library Facility Use Policies

Date Approved March 01, 2022
Number POL-LIB


In order to create a communal environment in which all library patrons and staff are able to learn and work productively and safely, the Libraries have established the following expectations.

These policies are in place at both the Tim & Cathy Tran Library and the Hillsboro Campus Library. Where policies are specific to one location, this is explicitly noted. Library patrons are encouraged to pay attention to signage at each facility for additional guidance specific to that location.



Only certified service animals are permitted in the Libraries, in accordance with Pacific University’s Service and Companion Animal Policy.


Bicycles should be locked to a bicycle rack, not handrails or academic buildings in compliance with Pacific University’s Bicycle Policies.

Use of Common Spaces

In order to help the Libraries maintain a productive learning environment for all community members, patrons are expected to exhibit flexibility, empathy, and respect for others in their use of shared library spaces. This includes, but is not limited to, minimizing loud and/or prolonged noises, especially in areas designated for quiet study.

Food and Beverages
  • Snacks and beverages are allowed in the Libraries.
  • Please be considerate of others. Noisy, greasy or aromatic food (pizza, nachos, potato chips, etc.) is prohibited as it can distract others and damage the Libraries’ resources.
  • Food cannot be delivered to the Libraries.
  • The Libraries complies with Pacific University’s alcohol policy, which prohibits use of alcohol in university facilities, except as part of university-sanctioned events.
Group Study Rooms/Collaborative Learning Centers

The study rooms are for the use of current Pacific University faculty, staff, and students only. General guidelines are below; additional guidelines are posted in rooms and may be updated more frequently.

  • Reservations are encouraged; there is a limit of eight hours per day. Book a reservation here.
  • If you do not arrive within 10 minutes of your reservation time, the reservation is forfeit and others may use the room.
  • Reservations may be made one month to one hour ahead of time.
  • Faculty and staff may book study rooms only for occasional ad hoc meetings related to work or academic activities of the Pacific University community.
  • Food: Only beverages with lids are permitted. Alcohol is strictly prohibited, and food cannot be delivered to the library.
    Please clean up after yourself!
  • Lost and Found

    Items left behind in the Library will be collected in a Lost and Found box at the front desk. In the Tran Library, each Friday items are taken to the Pacific Information Center (PIC) in the University Center and can be retrieved there. In the Hillsboro Campus Library, items are kept at the front desk, with exception of high-value items such as identification cards or personal electronics, which are turned in to Campus Public Safety.

    Printer Stations

    Networked printers are available for use by all library patrons. Pacific University community members are able to print using their network accounts; non-Pacific University community patrons may request to have print jobs released by Libraries staff. Non-Pacific University patrons may print up to 5 pages for free per day.

    Tim and Cathy Tran Library: Additional Facility Policies
    24-Hour Study Center
    • The 24-Hour Study Center is only for current Pacific University faculty, staff, and students outside of regular library open hours.
    • Entry after regular library open hours requires a Boxer ID card.
    • Equipment issues should be reported to
    • A microwave and vending machine are available for use, report any issues to the Service Desk or
    Information Commons and Media Commons

    There are three areas on the first floor of the library with computers for patron use: PC computers are available in the area adjacent to the staircase, as well as in the 24-hour area; Mac computers are available in the 24-hour area, in both the Media Commons and Library Classroom. Computers require a Pacific University network ID to log on; community patrons may request to be logged on at the front desk. All computer use must adhere to Pacific University’s computer/network use policies, as well as the Libraries’ Computer/Internet Use Policy.

    Lactation Room

    Pacific University supports parents in being able to feed their infants. People are welcome to breast or chestfeed their children anywhere on campus. They also are invited to use designated private spaces set aside that include a locking door, chair, table, power outlet and mini-fridge. A list of all designated spaces is available on the university website.

    Who Can Use the Lactation Room?

    Members of the Pacific University community (students, faculty, staff, alumni) and visitors are welcome to use the Lactation room for breastfeeding, pumping, or bottlefeeding.

    How Do I Use the Lactation Room?

    The Lactation Room is available on a first-come, first-serve basis; it is not reservable. To use the room, please stop at the front desk of the Tran Library and check out a room key (there are two available). If needed, a locker/cabinet key may also be checked out for storing pumping equipment.
    Room keys may be checked out for 1 to 4 hours; locker keys may be checked out for up to 5 days.

    Lactation Room Use Expectations

    Cleaning and Sanitizing. You are responsible for bringing your own equipment and cleaning up after each use. This is not only out of respect for the next user, but to prevent contamination and illness transmission. You should clean milk spills after each use and dispose of trash properly. Cleaning wipes, sanitizing spray, and paper towels are provided in the room. Only designated sanitizing spray should be used to sanitize personal equipment.

    Milk Storage. A small refrigerator is provided in the room for temporary storage, but users are advised that this is a shared space. Complimentary ice packs are available in the freezer of the unit for use with your own storage/transport containers; if you take the last ice pack, please inform front desk staff so that they can be replenished.

    Privacy. Please respect the privacy of all Lactation Room users; do not try to enter the room or knock if the occupancy indicator shows that the room is occupied. In the case of an emergency or an urgent need to access the room, please notify front desk staff.

    Library Classroom
    • The Library Classroom is available for Pacific University members when not reserved for Library instruction.
      • Faculty: to schedule an instructional session with a librarian for your class, please visit
    • The Library Classroom schedule will be posted daily outside each entrance to the Classroom.
    • To reserve the Library Classroom, please use the university’s EMS scheduling system.
    • Library books stored in the lockers must be checked out.
    • Non-circulating Library material cannot be kept in lockers.
    • Perishable foods are not allowed.
    • The Library reserves the right to check the lockers at any time to ensure compliance with established procedures for the use of the lockers. Contents found to be in non-compliance, will be removed and delivered to the Pacific Information Center (PIC).
    • Lockers will be emptied at the end of each day and any abandoned personal items will be turned over to CPS or the PIC. The lock and key will be put back in circulation.
    • The Library assumes no responsibility for any lost or stolen items.
    Quiet Areas

    The east wings of the library on both the first and second floors are designated as quiet study areas. In order to help other students and patrons concentrate on their work, please do not engage in group conversations, make phone or video calls, or play audio on your devices that can be heard by others. Collaboration rooms are available in the second floor east wing for group study or discussion; individual study rooms may also be used for activities that require the use of audio.

    Download: Pacific University Library Facility Use Policy

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