Get Library Materials

We support your online research and learning. While the libraries are closed, we have several ways to get you the articles, books and videos you need.

To request items that are not currently available to you, you have several options:

These services are offered to current Pacific University faculty, staff, and students.

Once you’ve requested an item, the Library staff will figure out the best way to get it to you based on price, format, and  availability. Unfortunately, not everything will be available as many libraries are closed or not loaning at this time.

When considering your request, we’ll choose from the following:

  • Non-returnable purchasing for physical materials: Any Interlibrary Loan request for a physical resource that is less than $50, Interlibrary Services will purchase a copy of the item and send it directly to you to keep. Requests sent to Collection Services that are less than $50 will be taken over by Interlibrary Services and purchased for you unless an electronic copy was requested.
  • Purchasing of articles and book chapters: Requests for articles and book chapters placed in ILLiad will continue to be sent to other libraries to fill. For requests that cannot be filled by other libraries, we will purchase articles or book chapters for patrons, as we normally do.
  • Request a digital resource: Requests for digital resources like streaming videos, ebooks, or other resources will be considered based on cost, availability, and license terms.
  • Physical resources that cost more than $50: If we are unable to fulfill a request as an e-resource, we will research the possibility of acquiring the physical version as “eventually returnable.” You will need to return the item when the library reopens, either in-person or via mail with a prepaid return.
  • Temporary access to e-resource offerings: We are continually reviewing and adding new resources and temporary expanded access offerings to the Databases A-Z list.

If you have questions or concerns about access to materials, email