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Exhibit Space Reservations

How to Request an Exhibit Space

Welcome to Pacific University Library’s guide on reserving exhibit spaces! The first floor of Tran Library has two areas that can accommodate exhibits: the Gallery space to the west of the stairs; and the Lobby in the center of the atrium. This page provides directions on how to propose an exhibit in either space.

Exhibit-Space Example
Scope of Exhibits

The Gallery hosts larger exhibits highlighting Pacific’s history, art, or civic issues that relate to our local communities. Displays may feature unique materials from Pacific’s own collections, or may showcase content created by students and faculty. Visiting exhibits loaned from external organizations may also be also hosted in this area. The Gallery is overseen by the University Archivist. Proposed exhibits should display unique and/or creative content, and should convey a specific point-of-view, position, or argument. Exhibits are intended to engender thought and discussion; purely decorative exhibits should not be proposed.

The Lobby often hosts book displays, hands-on activity tables, and signage relating to current events. This area is overseen by the Library’s Access Services Department.

Proposing an Exhibit

To propose an exhibit, please contact the University Archivist ( and and fill out the exhibit proposal form below. Proposals will be reviewed as they are received. Advance notice of at least one month is required; some spaces are booked one year in advance. Student-led exhibit proposals are encouraged, but students must be prepared to commit the time necessary to prepare, install, and de-install the exhibit. It is estimated that small exhibits require approximately 15-20 hours of work.

Exhibit Content Guidelines

Exhibits are selected based on:

  • Educational content
  • Connection to the university’s mission or curriculum.
  • Timeliness to current and campus events.
  • Relation of materials to the campus and wider community.
  • Scheduling constraints; proposed exhibitions must fit into the exhibit planning calendar.
  • Reinforcement of the university and/or Libraries’ mission or strategic goals.
  • Quality and aesthetic value.
  • Thematic and narrative integrity

Other Guidelines:

  • Exhibits that showcase holdings from Pacific University’s Libraries, Archives, Art and Museum collections will be given preference when scheduling exhibits.
  • All exhibits are temporary.
  • The University Archivist, in consultation with the Dean of University Libraries, will make the final determination about all exhibits.
  • Exhibits may not compromise our users’ access to collections or services or otherwise disrupt or harm the facility, collections, or visitors.
  • The Libraries commit to presenting diverse points of view and to the principles of academic freedom.
Exhibit Materials

In order to be included in an exhibit, the exhibit curator must:

  • Ensure that all appropriate permissions have been received to display the materials.
  • Provide accurate and appropriate descriptive annotations and acknowledgements for materials and provide accurate citations for all content used in creating exhibit descriptions.
  • Ensure that exhibit materials will not damage or otherwise endanger the condition of display cases/walls or other library fixtures.
  • Receive explicit permission from the University Archivist to include any fragile, rare, unique, or otherwise extremely vulnerable materials.
Exhibit Requirements

Installation/De-installation: A specific date and time must be pre-arranged with the University Archivist for all approved exhibits. Changes to this time must be agreed to in writing. The University Archivist or an approved substitute must be able to be present for any exhibit installation/de-installation. Failure to meet an agreed-upon installation schedule may result in forfeiture of the time and space allocated for the exhibit.

Costs: The exhibit curator, if outside of the Libraries, will cover any special cost incurred in mounting the exhibit, including the repair of any damage to the building or library property caused in installation or removal of the exhibit.

Security and Insurance: Materials in an exhibit are afforded the same security protection as that of any materials in the given exhibit area/space. This means that third parties including, but not limited to, the general public and students may have unsupervised and unregulated access to the exhibit area and the materials. Additional security cannot be provided by the university, and the university is not responsible for the safekeeping of the exhibit materials and shall have no liability to the owner of the exhibit materials or any third party in the event of any damage or loss (including theft) to the exhibit materials. The owner of the exhibit materials bears all risk of all loss or damage to the exhibit materials regardless of cause. The university does not provide any insurance for materials on display or assume any responsibility for the loss, theft of, or damage to any materials on exhibit. The provision of insurance for the exhibit materials is the responsibility of the exhibit curator and/or owner of the materials.

Physical Arrangements: Reasonable efforts should be made to make all exhibits accessible to everyone, with special provisions, when possible, to accommodate people with disabilities. An exhibit must not constitute a physical hazard or impede research or regular library use.

    Exhibit Request Form

    Pacific University Affiliation*


    I have read the Libraries' Exhibit Policy and acknowledge by checking the box below that I accept the
    conditions and responsibilities stated therein and will hold Pacific University and Pacific University
    Libraries harmless for any condition relative to the exhibit beyond general control. More specifically, I
    acknowledge and accept that:

    • If this exhibit is proposed by a student organization with a faculty advisor, the advisor has
      reviewed/approved our proposal exhibit plan (indicated by the advisor's signature below);

    • It is my/our responsibility to provide all supplies needed to stage the exhibit (with the exception
      of display cases/blocks provided by the Libraries);

    • If any changes are made to this proposal once it is approved by the Libraries, there is no
      guarantee those changes can be accommodated without prior approval by the Libraries;

    • Installation and de-installation of the exhibit must be scheduled in advance and a Libraries staff

    • The Libraries cannot provide additional security or insurance coverage for non-library owned

    I agree to these terms.*

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