How to Deposit Your Thesis, Dissertation, or Graduate Capstone

To deposit a thesis, dissertation, or graduate capstone, you must have a CommonKnowledge account and ensure that you have followed all required steps to prepare your document.

Submission Steps

  1. Go to
  2. Click Upload
  3. Login with your Pacific email and CommonKnowledge password
  4. Click Add new work
    Add new work
  5. Select Thesis or Dissertation and click Create Work
    Select thesis or dissertation
  6. For Add as member of administrative set select Department – Student Scholarship
    Add as a member of admin set
  7. For Collection select Department – Student Scholarship
    Add to a collection
    Note: Collection and Administrative set should be the same.
  8. Enter a Title
  9. For Resource Type select thesis, dissertation, or capstone
  10. For Creator name, enter your name if you are author of the dissertation
  11. For Institution, enter Pacific University
  12. For Abstract, enter a short description of your dissertation
  13. For Date Published, enter your graduation date
  14. For Degree, enter select your degree
  15. For Organisational unit, enter your department
  16. For other fields, add additional information as needed
  17. Move to the Files tab (top)
    Move to the files tab
  18. Under Save Work, set Visibility as Public
    Note: By special arrangement, a deposit may be changed from Public to Embargo.
  19. Click the checkbox I have read and agree to the Deposit Agreement
  20. Click Save
  21. Your submission will be submitted for review.

Note: Titles and authors of submitted works may appear on the CommonKnowledge website immediately. The full work will not be available until the work is approved by a moderator.

What to Expect After Submitting

The University Libraries will review each electronic submission to ensure all required metadata is complete and will verify that a corresponding physical title page and signed signature page has been received. Candidates will only be contacted by the Libraries if corrections are needed to submission metadata or there are issues with submitted files.

The Libraries will submit to the program and Registrar, on a weekly basis, a list of candidates who have successfully defended and had their thesis/dissertation deposit accepted by the Libraries. The schools/colleges of all candidates in the weekly list will be copied on this notification.