CommonKnowledge – User Commenting

CommonKnowledge User Commenting

CommonKnowledge - User Commenting

Commenting Functionality

An optional reader commenting plug-in may be added to a content collection at the request of the department/unit/school/office that provides the content for the collection.

Reader comments on CommonKnowledge content are not initially moderated; readers may post comments after creating an account (which requires provision of an email address) through the plug-in. However, all posted comments will be reviewed by the Scholarly Communications and Research Services Librarian according to the policy below (comment moderation/review will not be delegated, even for independently managed content collections).

Comment Moderation Policy*

The University Libraries reserve the right to remove a comment at any time if the comment:

  • is indecent, offensive, or contains negative content of a personal, racial, ethnic, sexual orientation, or religious character—or otherwise appears to be libelous or violate the privacy of any individual or corporate body; or
  • purports to provide medical or legal advice and does not cite published literature as the basis for the statements therein; or
  • is irrelevant to the article or is otherwise trivial; or
  • appears to be advertising a product or service; or
  • is not in English (resources for confirming the content of non-English comments are not available); or
    is otherwise deemed inappropriate.

*Adapted from BioMed Central