CommonKnowledge – Metadata

CommonKnowledge Metadata

CommonKnowledge - Metadata

Descriptive Metadata

A basic descriptive metadata record is required for all content contributed to CommonKnowledge. Required elements are:

  • Title
  • Creator(s)
  • Date (Publication or Creation)
  • Rights

Additional recommended elements are:

  • Description
  • Subject(s)

All metadata elements are coded by the system using the Dublin Core metadata elements (elements with an asterisk are automatically assigned by the system, but may be used for additional custom metadata fields):

  • dc:title
  • dc:creator
  • dc:description
  • dc:date
  • dc:type*
  • dc:format*
  • dc:identifier*
  • dc:source*
  • dc:publisher*
  • dc:subject

Although the basic elements of title, creator, date, and rights are required, custom field display labels may be created for each collection within CommonKnowledge. There is no limit on the number of custom metadata fields (beyond the required elements) that may be created for individual collections.

Subject Headings

The default controlled vocabulary for subject headings used in CommonKnowledge is the Discipline taxonomy provided by the Digital Commons system. It is recommended that a minimum of (1) discipline term be assigned for each item contributed to CommonKnowledge.

In addition to the Discipline taxonomy, custom fields may be created for individual series if another controlled vocabulary is required (e.g. Library of Congress Subject Headings, Medical Subject Headings, etc.).

Name Authority

Only one accepted name format will be used for each individual listed in the ‘Creator’ metadata field of an item record in CommonKnowledge. The same name must be used for all item records in which that individual is listed as a ‘Creator’.

For Pacific University-affiliated individuals, the accepted name will be that used in conjunction with the individual’s Pacific University network account, unless a variant name is requested in writing by the individual in question.

For non-Pacific University-affiliated individuals, the accepted name will be that used in the initial metadata submitted to CommonKnowledge by the individual in question (or by an individual submitting on his/her behalf). Requests to use a variant name must be made in writing.

Institutional Affiliation

All individuals submitting work to CommonKnowledge are encouraged, though not required, to include an institutional affiliation along with their preferred name.

For Pacific University faculty, staff, and students, the institutional affiliation must be ‘Pacific University’. Departmental affiliations, if desired, must be reflected in a separate field (e.g. ‘Comments’). For content that was created by faculty or staff before their employment at Pacific University, pre-Pacific institutional affiliations will not be recorded as part of the individual’s name/affiliation metadata (it may be reflected in a separate field).

For external contributors, the institutional affiliation at the time of submission to CommonKnowledge should be used.

Recommended Citations

A recommended citation for each item in CommonKnowledge is generated by Digital Commons. This recommended citation may be revised within an individual content collection to adhere to a specific citation style (e.g. APA, MLA, Chicago, etc.). The same citation style must be used across an individual content collection.