About Pacific University Press

Founded in 2015, the Pacific University Press is a service of the Pacific University Libraries. As a hybrid open access publisher, the press is focused on

  • creating opportunities for authors with diverse viewpoints to share their scholarly and creative work, and
  • promoting the discovery and use of that work through the use of open access and hybrid publishing and agile licensing models.

Through its three imprints -- Pacific University Press, Tualatin Books, and 1849 Editions -- the press publishes work that aligns with, and complements, Pacific University's mission and educational programs. Pacific University Press' acquisition and editorial processes are designed to not only provide authors with substantive editorial support, but to also engage the Pacific University community in the production of scholarly and literary works.

About Our Mission

The Pacific University Press advances the Pacific University Libraries’ fundamental mission of making useful information openly available to our local and global communities. Through publishing practices that emphasize authorial agency, editorial engagement, and equitable access, the press tangibly models the attributes that Pacific University seeks to instill in our students: excellence in scholarship, diversity of thought, and the pursuit of just and sustainable communities.

Excellence in scholarship

Scholarship is inherently a dialogic and collaborative process, and the quality of scholarship and literature is improved when it is informed by others’ work and critical feedback. Through its editorial and review processes, the Press is dedicated to providing authors with the support and feedback necessary to produce excellent works of scholarship and literature.

Diversity of thought

The Press is committed to publishing work that reflects not only diverse cultural, racial, ethnic, and geographic perspectives, but also a diversity of ideas, experiences, and viewpoints. In doing so, the Press hopes to contribute to altering the knowledge base of the academy—to building a body of scholarship and literature that will inform more empathetic and culturally competent research, policy, and citizenship.

Just and sustainable communities

Along with other scholarly publishers, the Press shares a dual responsibility—to our scholarly community and to our global community. Through open access and hybrid publishing models, the Press is contributing to a more sustainable system of scholarly communication and higher education for scholars and students. The Press’ publishing models also ensure that useful knowledge is available to inform both individual and communal research and advocacy, which is an essential step in creating more just and equitable communities.