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Managing Licensed E-Resources

Techniques, Tips, and Practical Advice

Galadriel Chilton (Editor), Stephanie Willen Brown, Anna Creech, Lindsay Cronk, Joan M. Emmet, Scarlet Galvan, Athena Hoeppner, Jenifer S. Holman, Erika Ripley, Allyson Rodriguez, and Angela Sidman

Paperback, 280 pages, 6" x 9"

ISBN 978-1-945398-09-4 (pbk)
ISBN 978-1-945398-10-0 (epub)
ISBN 978-1-945398-12-4 (PDF)

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For those new to managing e-resources or as a quick reference, 11 past and present e-resource managers share practical tips and techniques for working with licensed online collections; this is the book the authors wish they had when they first found themselves with the profound responsibility of managing their institutions’ e-resources. Within the text, there are strategies and tools that can be modified as needed based on responsibilities, content managed, and organizational context—with the goal of ensuring that all e-resource managers are able to provide seamless access to the information their communities need. Topics covered include: investigating new resources; reviewing and negotiating licenses; implementing access; evaluating e-resources; systematic access checks; completing an annual review; cancellation and replacement review; behavioral and communication strategies; trends, challenges, and opportunities in e-resources management; and professional development resources.

Introduction and compilation © 2022 by Galadriel Chilton
Chapters © 2022 by Galadriel Chilton, Stephanie Willen Brown, Anna Creech, Lindsay Cronk, Joan M. Emmet, Scarlet Galvan, Athena Hoeppner, Jenifer S. Holman, Erika Ripley, Allyson Rodriguez, Angela Sidman

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  • Introduction Galadriel Chilton
  • 1. What Is E-Resource Management in an Academic Library? Galadriel Chilton
  • 2. Glossary of Terms Galadriel Chilton
  • 3. Investigating New Content for Access Galadriel Chilton
  • 4. The Joy of Licensing and Contracting for E-Resource Acquisition Joan M. Emmet
  • 5. Implementing Access Allyson Rodriguez and Athena Hoeppner
  • 6. Maintaining E-Resources in Core Library Systems Athena Hoeppner
  • 7. Getting Started with Resource Review Lindsay Cronk and Anna Creech
  • 8. Cancellation and Replacement Erika Ripley and Scarlet Galvan
  • 9. Behaviors and Communication Strategies of E-Resources Management Staff Angela Sidman and Stephanie Willen Brown
  • 10. Trends, Challenges, and Opportunities in E-Resources Management Jenifer S. Holman
  • 11. Community and Professional Development, and Further Reading Galadriel Chilton
  • Epilogue Galadriel Chilton
  • Author Bios
  • Acknowledgments
  • Index