Pacific University Press

Our mission

The Pacific University Press advances the Pacific University Libraries’ fundamental mission of making useful information openly available to our local and global communities. Through publishing practices that emphasize authorial agency, editorial engagement, and equitable access, the press tangibly models the attributes that Pacific University seeks to instill in our students: excellence in scholarship, diversity of thought, and the pursuit of just and sustainable communities.

How we publish

We are a hybrid publisher. While the Press is primarily a digital open access press, we acknowledge that this model is not appropriate or necessary to meet the needs of some authors and readers. Our core commitment is to disseminating scholarly and creative works under access, use, format, and revenue models that are appropriate for the author’s community and for both the intended and prospective communities of readers. In all cases, appropriate models are those which are deemed to respect authors’ intellectual property, to remove barriers to access for useful knowledge, and to recognize disciplinary differences in the production and distribution of written works.

What we publish

The Press welcomes submissions from any author, regardless of institutional affiliation (or lack thereof). We publish work in areas that align with, and complement, the mission and educational programs of Pacific University. Our areas of emphasis are: liberal arts and sciences, health professions, education, business, and literature. In these areas, we seek to publish works that meaningfully contribute to scholarly discourse, to the advancement of professional practice, or to the role of literature in understanding the human condition.

In order to best meet the needs of the diverse works across these areas, the Press publishes books under three imprints.

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Works published under the Press’ primary imprint are those considered to be traditional scholarly or academic texts. Such works will generally utilize the monographic form to critically and systematically examine a topic, thesis, or individual (in the case of biographical works). Works may be single-author or may be edited collections from multiple authors. Texts will be published as open access ebooks, with print-on-demand available.

Tualatin Books logo

Works published under the Tualatin Books imprint are those which are specifically intended for a practitioner (e.g. educator, health care professional) audience, with an emphasis on immediate application within the field of practice. Such works may include, but are not limited to, descriptions of best practice for a particular pedagogy or modality; collections of curricular materials; or manuals/handbooks. Textbooks and similar educational resources intended for use by students in an educational program are also published under the Tualatin Books imprint. Texts will be published as open access ebooks, with print-on-demand available.

1849 Editions logo

Works published under the 1849 Editions imprint are limited to works of short fiction (short story collections or novellas) and poetry. The Press’ primary focus under this imprint is on English-language works by first-time or emerging authors, although translated works may be considered.Texts will be published as ebooks and be available via print-on-demand, with some works being offered from the Press directly through a limited print run. Digital open access distribution will be available at the author’s discretion.

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