Journal Publishing

Pacific University Libraries currently publishes two open access journals that disseminate articles for scholars and practitioners in the health professions and for undergraduates in all subject areas. Our journals are connected to Pacific in some way—all were started, and some are currently edited, by our faculty members. Current journal titles are:

The Libraries offer tiered journal publishing services.

Tier 1
  • Hosting through our publishing partner, Ubiquity Press.
  • Assigning DOIs
  • Preservation of articles as well as metadata
Tier 2
  • Tier 1 services
  • Custom design of article layout
  • Typesetting of individual articles, approximately $150 per article
Tier 3
  • Tier 1 and 2 services
  • Copyediting, approximately $150 per article
Tier 4
  • Tier 1, 2, and 3 services
  • Assistance with indexing journals, cost varies depending on the subject area of the journal, the time involved with the application, etc.

If you are a Pacific University faculty member or student and are interested in creating a journal, please get in touch with us to discuss your ideas.