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Teaching Advancement and Research Grants in Educational Technology (TARGET)


Pacific University is committed to encouraging the purposeful integration of technology into teaching and learning and to the exploration of course and program delivery in online and blended formats. To encourage innovation in these domains, the Center for Educational Technology, the Provost’s Office, and the Library created the Teaching Advancement and Research Grants in Educational Technology (TARGET) program in the fall of 2012. The program provides structured support, funds technology costs, and offers stipends or course release time for projects that pilot or develop a compelling use of online technology to deliver or enhance courses across the University.

For a full list of requirements and expectations of the grants, please see the apply tab.

TARGET grants have been awarded each year since 2013. Successful projects ranged from an innovative undergraduate Civic Engagement course in Art and Environmental Studies that will use online technologies to tie together fieldwork, community-based projects, and classroom activities to an online professional course on teaching and learning in higher education that is a collaborative project between faculty in the Colleges of Education and Health Professions. For a full list of previous TARGET awards, see Previous TARGET Awards tab.

Target 2022
How to Apply

Pacific University is committed to advancing the purposeful integration of digital technology into teaching and learning to improve student learning, increase access to the university, and further academic inquiry. To help reach these goals, the Provost’s Office, the Libraries, and the Center for Educational Technology and Curricular Innovation are soliciting proposals from Pacific faculty interested in using digital and online technologies to improve or redesign existing courses.


The goals of TARGET 2022 are:

To understand how different physical and digital learning environments, emerging technologies, and e-learning methods may be best employed to increase student learning and engagement.


Based on these goals, we will be looking for projects that:

An over-arching theme is the “impact factor.” We will be selecting projects that promise to have the greatest impact on other courses, programs, or curricula. We are particularly interested in projects that will act as a pilot or first step for a larger initiative, model an effective or innovative e-learning method or strategy that can be adopted by other courses within that discipline or across disciplines, or that demonstrate the feasibility of a particular e-learning method or strategy.

We also encourage proposals that utilize resources freely available to Pacific faculty, staff, and students. We are particularly interested in seeing projects that use the capabilities of Moodle, Boxer Apps, WordPress, and other software and resources currently supported by Pacific University.

All proposals will be considered, but preference will be given to those that address one or more of these themes and considerations.


All Pacific University faculty are eligible to participate in the TARGET program. Priority, however, will be given to those who have not received a TARGET award in the past three years.

Proposal and Selection Process

A review committee comprised of the Director for Educational Technology and Curricular Innovation, a faculty representative from the Library, and faculty representatives from the Teaching and Learning with Technology Advisory Group will recommend proposals for final approval by the President’s Cabinet. Successful proposals will:

A complete proposal will include:

Completed proposals should be e-mailed to the Center for Educational Technology and Curricular Innovation ( by April 15, 2022 (Deadline Extended).

Institutional Support for Accepted Projects

Accepted projects will receive:

Awards will be disbursed during the 2022/2023 fiscal year. Awards, therefore, cannot be applied to any expenses that will arise after June 30, 2023.

Expectations and Reporting

Each TARGET participant is expected to work with their department to ensure that their project is aligned and coordinated with other e-learning efforts. In addition, TARGET participants must also:

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