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Practical Pedagogy Questions

There are a fantastic number of theories and ideas to draw upon in crafting pedagogy in higher education settings, but it can be difficult to know where to start and which strategies to invest in. If you have something you’d like to solve, promote or explore in your teaching, but you’re not sure which theory to invest in or literature to dive into, this resource may help you to get oriented.

Organized as responses to a set of practical teaching questions, we have collected here some short summaries of key ideas, to help you to figure out which thread you might want to follow; if you find you want to go deeper, you’ll find links to online resources from CETCI, connections with the work of Pacific faculty, and resources from the educational community at large.

If you find you’d like to go deeper into a particular topic, or could benefit from talking through what you’re hoping to do, reach out to us at, and we can suggest more resources or schedule a one-on-one. We are always looking for more questions to add to this guide, so if you have one to suggest, please get in touch!

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How can I encourage collaborative learning in my classes?
How can I improve student learning through independent and group projects?
How can I make my classroom more inclusive?
How can I promote student accountability?
What are some alternative formats for assignments?
What are some alternative grading strategies?
What are some principles to keep in mind when covering difficult topics in the classroom?
What are some effective lecture techniques?

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