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Welcome to Center for Educational Technology and Curricular Innovation (CETCI).

The Center for Educational Technology and Curricular Innovation (CETCI) provides resources for Pacific University faculty, staff, and students to help them create effective, engaging, and inclusive learning environments.  In addition, the Center facilitates conversations, events, and workshops to help faculty and staff share their teaching successes and innovations with others in the Pacific community.

Teaching and Learning Events and Services
The Center offers professional development opportunities and organizes events to promote excellence and innovation teaching and learning with technology including:

CETCI offers workshops on frequently used learning technologies and teaching strategies. These workshops are held throughout the year and are open to the entire University community.

See our “Upcoming Events” page for our current workshop offerings.

Pedagogy Faculty Talks and Events
CETCI hosts a faculty lecture series on teaching practices and strategies, the Pedagogy Speed Date, and other lectures and seminars by Pacific faculty on effective educational methods and strategies.

See our “Upcoming Events” page for our scheduled lectures and seminars.

Individual and Departmental Consulting
CETCI provides individual guidance and support for teaching and learning projects, advice and training on how to effectively use instructional technology, and help with locating specialized resources and technologies both on and off-campus. Send an e-mail to for more information or to schedule appointment.

Institutes and Retreats
CETCI holds two multi-day intensive institutes, the Winter Teaching Institute and the Blended and Online learning retreat for faculty interested in building up their teaching tool kit.

Faculty Learning Communities
CETCI provides opportunities for small groups of faculty to engage deeply in a particular pedagogical topic or teaching strategy at our faculty learning communities. These communities generally run over the course of a semester or a year and meet regularly for discussions, workshops, and seminars. Many also have a robust online component.

Web Resources for Teaching and Learning
CETCI Maintains a growing library of web resources to showcase and support Pacific’s unique learning environment.

These include:
Faculty Teaching Profiles
Pandemic-era Resources for Teaching and Learning Online and in Hybrid formats

TARGET is a competitive program that provides structured support, technology costs, and stipends or course release time for projects that pilot or develop a compelling use of online technology for the delivery or enhancement of a particular course. The call for proposal for the next round of grants will be announced in November.

Technologies Supporting Teaching and Learning

The Center supports a number of online educational and instructional technologies. These include:

Moodle provides Pacific faculty, staff, and students with course web spaces, discussion forums, online quizzing, and other instructional tools. We also provide numerous Moodle tutorials and workshops.

Moodle Resources:
Log into Moodle
Moodle Help Documents and Tutorials
Link Your Moodle Course

Boxer Apps for Education
Boxer Apps is Pacific’s implementation of the Google Apps for Education suite and allows the University community to access popular Google applications, such as Google Docs and YouTube, with their Pacific University accounts.

Zoom is Pacific’s primary web conferencing system and is accessible to all faculty, staff, and students. It’s also connected directly to Moodle so it’s easy to integrate right into your classes.

PollEverywhere is an online polling system that students can access from their computer, phone, or other web-enabled devices.

CETCI provides WordPress to the Pacific community for educational and academic purposes such as student e-portfolios, class websites, and faculty tenure portfolios.


Al Weiss | Director of Educational Technology and Curricular Innovation
503-352-1417 |

The Center is located at Pacific University Library
Forest Grove Campus | 2043 College Way, Forest Grove, OR 97116

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