Alumni – Interlibrary Loan

Interlibrary Loan

If you do not have access to the articles that you need through your organization's library or through your local public library, interlibrary loan is a great option.

Most libraries will require that you have an account with them before you are able to place interlibrary loan requests. Once you've set up an account, inquire about the process/fees for placing requests. Many libraries will place requests for free, or for a very nominal fee.

Requesting from Pacific

If you know that the Pacific University Library has resources that you need, you can ask your library to place a request with Pacific for the material. Pacific University Library is a free lender, which means we do not charge libraries that borrow materials from us.

Please Note: Requests must be placed through your library; our Interlibrary Loan department is not able to accept requests directly from individuals.

To help expedite your requests, you can also give your library this following information about Pacific University Library:

OCLC Symbol: OPU


(The DOCLINE symbol is only necessary if you are ordering through a medical library)