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Student Advisory Board

The purpose of the student advisory board is to assemble a diverse group of students to provide regular guidance and feedback on the Libraries’ activities and services. The expectation is that the group will meet regularly throughout the academic year and will be available for library projects such as focus groups, usability testing, surveys, and attendance at other library meetings.

  • Board consists of 7 undergraduate and 7 graduate/professional students, ideally with participation from all campuses
    • One library student worker from each campus may sit on the board
  • Advisory board members should represent a diverse array of programs, disciplines, and backgrounds
  • Board positions are paid using either federal work-study or non-workstudy funds
  • Terms on the board are for 1 academic year, and are renewable twice (students can be on the board for up to three years)
  • Two library staff/faculty advisors will provide leadership and organization for the board (2-year terms)
  • Dean of University Libraries will serve in an ex officio advisory capacity to the board
  • Board members are required to attend monthly virtual meetings up to 3 times per term
  • Board members should be generally available for 10-15 hours per term for special projects, focus groups, additional meetings, etc.

Students are encouraged to apply who are interested in library services, in providing feedback that can improve students’ experiences, and in working collaboratively to discuss and propose creative solutions for challenges that the Libraries and students face.

Board Advisors

Kevin Alexander, Circulation Supervisor
Charles Delplanche, Acquisitions & Cataloging Assistant
Michelle Lenox, Acquisitions & Cataloging Librarian

Joining the Board

Applications for the student advisory board are considered on an annual basis (each academic year), depending on the number of open positions on the board. Applications are now closed for this year. Questions about the application may be sent to Isaac Gilman, Dean of University Libraries.

Application Evaluation Process

Student applications are evaluated based on the following factors:

  1. Student academic program/major (the goal is to have a diverse set of academic programs represented on the board).
  2. Library student employment status (there is a limit of one library student employee per campus to ensure that the board includes multiple perspectives from students who are not as familiar with library internal operations).
  3. Responses to several short-answer questions, for which the rubric below will be applied.
Q1 Why do you want to serve on the Library Student Advisory Board?

Is the applicant able to:

  • identify differences between themselves and others
  • communicate how their background or experiences shape their approach/viewpoints
  • articulate how their perspective could help inform library services
Q2 Describe a time when you didn’t understand something and how you tried to learn more about it.

Is the applicant able to:

  • communicate what was learned from the experience
  • identify strategies for moving past a lack of understanding or knowledge
Q3 What is your strategy for providing feedback or advice to someone when you think that it might not be well received?
Q4 Imagine you’re in a group with a lot of different opinions which causes friction within the group. How would you go about bringing the group to an agreement?

Is the applicant able to:

  • identify a constructive strategy for providing feedback
  • identify a constructive, positive strategy for working through differences of opinion
  • communicate what their individual role or responsibility is in these conversations
Q5 Describe a time you lost interest in a commitment and what you did.

Does the applicant:

  • understand the importance of upholding commitments
  • demonstrate persistence
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