About the Libraries

About the Libraries


The Pacific University Libraries is a place of inspiration that fosters inquiry, collaborative learning, and discovery through our dynamic services, our determined advocacy for access to knowledge, and our contributions to the creation of new knowledge.


Through dedication to our mission, we will enhance the teaching, learning, and scholarly environment of our community, and will provide a foundation for excellence and innovation by students, faculty, and staff.

Our active commitment to intellectual discovery and experimentation will lead to successful and creative partnerships, which will enrich and extend the mission and success of Pacific University.

Core Values
  • Intellectual development and life-long learning
  • Intellectual freedom and the right to privacy
  • Diversity of viewpoints, experiences, and identities
  • Sustainable practices in our policies and our work
  • Respect for and support of our colleagues
Core Themes


Promote discovery through delivery of information resources, instruction, educational technology, and physical and virtual spaces that encourage collaboration, exploration of new ideas, and intellectual engagement.
Excellence through people

Foster a workplace culture that encourages excellence and innovation through open communication, risk taking, and learning opportunities.


Engage in, and provide leadership for, services and practices that contribute to the sustainability and value of higher education and scholarly publishing.


Promote academic freedom and the spread of knowledge by developing collections of resources that reflect a rich diversity of ideas, creating opportunities to share original work, and advocating for equitable access to information.

Global community

Provide opportunities for students, faculty, and staff to engage with local and global issues, and to contribute their own knowledge to disciplinary and public discourse.