Research Coach

Research Coach

Starting a new research project? Follow the steps in the Research Coach.

  1. Beginning your research
  2. Find materials
  3. Find articles
  4. Citation Styles
  5. Evaluate Information

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Statement of Purpose
  • The Library is dedicated to supporting student success—both academic and personal
  • The Library is integral to the process of students meeting the University's stated curricular goals upon graduation and prepared for a life of "educated engagement"
  • The basis for the Library's information literacy effort is an intentional strategy that recognizes and addresses the gradual development of student competencies throughout the academic program
  • Library faculty are well-equipped to collaborate with other University faculty as co-educators to ensure that courses address curricular goals in a meaningful, effective way
  • Library faculty are able to assume a variety of collaborative roles, including advisor, instructor, research consultant, and resource developer. In each of these roles, the librarian works to ensure that information literacy competencies, tied to the University's curricular goals, are successfully addressed.

Every graduate of Pacific University shall be prepared to:

  • Engage in intellectual inquiry, critical thinking and critical analysis
  • Engage in modeling, abstract thinking and structural thinking
  • Access and evaluate information necessary to make informed decisions
  • Use information in an ethically, legally, and socially responsible manner
  • Understand how a discipline's knowledge is constructed and used and how that discipline interacts with other disciplines
  • Understand and respect multicultural, diverse and global perspectives